Kachreti Hiking

Around Kachreti

The fields and hills around Kachreti both to the east and west have beautiful pathways to many small villages ansd walks beside the canals.

Ziari Lake

The lake is popular in the summer for days out, barbecues, fishing etc. 15 -20km round trip

Iormghanlo from Kachreti


Iormughanlo is an Azeri village in Georgia at the southern side of the main road. Azerbaijani (similar to Turkish) is spoken along with Georgian. It can be reached by access from the main road at Badiauri or it can be walked from Kachreti across the fields to the south of the main Kakheti Highway which crosses through the lower end of Kachreti on it's way to Gurjaani and Telavi About 10km round trip.

Why Love Kachreti

All Kakhetian people love nature and so much so in Kachreti. Kachreti is in the middle of the grape growing region of Kakheti.

The weather in Kachreti is not the same as in Tbilisi. There is rarely any wind. In general the winters are warmer. Snow is a rarity. So is prolonged rain. When rain comes it is usually a downpour and finishes quickly. It’s not unusual to have months when you can’t remember the last time it rained…

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