Modern Kachreti

Kachreti Guest Houses

Kachreti Guest Houses

This is not a definitive list as guest houses open and close due to the season

modern kachreti

Kachreti Wine Cellars

There are many wine cellars in Kachreti but the best we know of is that at Aisi Collece

kachreti restaurants

Kachreti Restaurants

There are several restaurants around Kachreti each with a different style and each with a different signature dish

Kachreti Public Service Hall

The PSH is a government office which deals with much of the legal and municipal documentation

Kachreti English Language School

Kachreti English Language School is the only English language school in the region with native English teachers,teaching students from 7 years to 70 years

Kachreti Hikes

There are many beautiful walks around Kachreti . From outside of Kachreti, you can see Azerbaijan and the Caucusus Mountains

kachreti emergency services

Kachreti Emergency Services

Kachreti has all three primary emergency services in the town and serves othr villages in the area

Kachreti Churches

Kachreti is blessed with a beautiful Orthodox Basilica as well as historic churches onthe outskirts of the town

kachreti blog

Kachreti Internet

Other than Magti, there is really little alternative in Kachreti, but internet is excellent fibre optic and IPTV

Kachreti Food Stores

The past two years have seen 3 supermarket chains open in Kachreti along side the many other small stores throughout the town

clothing stores in kachreti

Kachreti Clothing Stores

Several clothing stores have opened in the past 4 years or so selling new and used clothing of good mid range quality

Kachreti Automotive stores

There are now three automotive stores together with agricultural and DIY stors in the town