Kachreti internet supplied by Magti fibre optic

Internet service in Kachreti.

Kachreti, located in the eastern region of Georgia, has seen significant growth in internet services in recent years. The primary service provider in the area is Magticom, which offers high-speed internet through fibre optic cables.

In addition to internet services, Magticom also offers streaming TV services to customers in Kachreti. Many users in the area are now providing their own TV receivers to stream online TV, giving them more control over their entertainment options.

Magticom Internet office in Kachreti

Magti internet service office is inside the Kachreti Public Service Hall

Magticom has a presence in Kachreti through its office in the public service hall. This makes it easy for customers to visit the office for payment or problem-solving, ensuring that their net and TV services are always up and running.

Magti fibre optic internet

Overall, the internet services in Kachreti are reliable and efficient, thanks to the high-speed fiber optic technology used by Magticom. With the increasing popularity of online TV streaming, it’s clear that Kachreti residents are embracing the benefits of modern i-technology.

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