Kachreti Online English Language School

Online English Lessons

We have had great success in teaching students to University Entry Level. We now extend these lessons online to you.

Our Experience

The Kachreti English Language School is run by experienced English teachers. The director is a native Englishman and has been a qualified English teacher for more than 20 years, teaching English to foreign students in a UK college and later in Turkey and Georgia. Our school manager teaches beginners lessons and translation.


We teach students online from the age of about 12 years old to adults and at any required level from absolute beginner to advanced English and accent reduction. These lessons can be formal lessons the same as our school lessons or conversational lessons if required. We will provide a download by email at the end of each lesson so that the lesson can be studied and filed or printed. No problem. The student is free to suggest the topic for discussion. Online lessons start at $10 USD for a duration of 25 minutes

Not the usual lessons?

We make lessons fun. We don’t make students rigorously learn grammar. Grammar is of course an important part of learning any language but we introduce many stories, fun and cultural information. One thing our students tell us is that our lessons are never boring. We believe that a healthy fun filled lesson makes learning easier.

Why Love Nature

All Kakhetian people love nature and so much so in Kachreti. Kachreti is in the middle of the grape growing region of Kakheti.

The weather in Kachreti is not the same as in Tbilisi. There is rarely any wind. In general the winters are warmer. Snow is a rarity. So is prolonged rain. When rain comes it is usually a downpour and finishes quickly. It’s not unusual to have months when you can’t remember the last time it rained…

8 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

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