Kachreti Animals

Kachreti Animals On The Loose

Kachreti animals have always figured in Kachreti life due mainly to the fact that Kachreti is a farming community. Long gone are the days when the plough was pulled by a horse however. Few horses are to be seen around Kachreti these days. The few that are seen are used by shepherds with large flocks of sheep. There are many large flocks of sheep here and it is still commonplace for the shepherds to drive the flocks through the town when changing their pastures in spring and autumn.

Kachreti Sheepherders

Kachreti Animals? Kachreti Cowboys….

Kachreti Cowboys are also on the range here. This is an actual Kachreti cowboy rather than a Kachreti sheepboy

Veterinary Practices in Kachreti

Sadly, Kachreti used to have two veterinarians. One occupied a small veterinary pharmacy on the site where the new Aversi pharmacy stands at the main road 1 km from the town centre and another who I never met, but I was told she was a lady vet. We are lucky enough to have another veterinary surgeon who, although he does not practice as a normal vet, sells pharmaceutical products for animals in the nearby village of Naniani which comes under Kachreti. This gentleman is a very well qualified animal doctor and teaches veterinary practices at the Kachreti Aisi College.

Generally when more sophisticated veterinary services are needed, Gurjaani is the place to go. Gurjaani is the administrative town for the Kachreti area. In Gurjaani Baghira Veterinary Services are operated by Sergo, a vet with much experience in all kinds of animals and his surgery is usually buzzing with his patients and their human pets. I have used his services on several occasions and never had a moment’s worry. All kinds of operations and welfare procedures are carried out.

My first encounter was when a Cane Corso acquired a human pet in the next house to me. Unfortunately the Corso had an eye problem which had the inner lids turned out and rubbing constantly on the lashes causing great distress. Sergo did a wonderful job of relieving the pain and suffering by removing the inner lids. My friend looks very happy now and his human was charged many times less than it would have cost in the UK or even in Tbilisi city.

I’m No Vet

Something which is new for me is the way that vets operate here. My dogs need their annual shots but instead of taking the dog to the vet [which of course you can] , the usual practice is to get the medication from the vet already drawn to the correct amount for the size of your dog, and administer it yourself. I’m no vet and I worry about such things. My poor cat has been unwell for a while and after an examination during which various medication were given, I was presented with a series of syringes containing the required amount and simply told which days to stab the poor unsuspecting cat with the hypodermic syringe. Well in the end, the cat doesn’t seem to mind, but I’m sure it could easily have gone the wrong way and possibly the poor old tabby may never have forgiven me.

Kachreti Animals on the Streets

As with many towns and villages, Kachreti has its share of stray dogs. Some of them wear the coloured eartags showing that they have been spayed or neutered, but many have not. Each season brings its share of feral puppies. It should be remembered that such dogs are not a threat to anyone. They have grown up on the streets and are happy to either to be left alone or to take any small offerings passers-by may give them. They understand traffic and the worst thing a visitor can do is to try to chase them away. When they are accused of showing threatening behaviour toward people it is almost always the human’s fault. Simply ignoring them is the way to treat them if you are at all worried. I have never found a single animal in Kachreti which behaves anything but delightful if the right attitude is taken toward them.

A Street Dog Called Bruno

Bruno’s mother was abandoned in the street when her human found she was pregnant. Out of six puppies, two were born dead and four survived to adopt human pets. Bruno was a beautiful baby and is a tall slim teenager now.

Are There Snakes in Kachreti?

Yes, there are some snakes in Georgia, not only of course in Kachreti. Brown snakes are of no problem to humans and in fact help us by ridding us of many vermin. The black snakes on the other hand, can be more dangerous but not lethal by any means. The ambulance service carries anti-venom for anyone who is unlucky enough to suffer a bite from one of these.

Where Are The Cows?

Cows are of course synonymous with farming, but where are they? Well it’s like this. thee were many in Kachreti as to be expected, but people became short of money. Cows were not returning the necessary profits from their keep. Many cows which had been kept for their milk were sold for meat. Mosty the milk is used for cheese making as most coffee and tea are drunk without milk.

We Got Buffalos Though..

Buffalo yogurt is popular here and on the road out of Kachreti to Ziari lake, a herd of buffalo roam unfenced roads and can often be seen grazing on the open plain just after the hamlet of Kodalo. The buffalo are no danger to humans and should be left alone just as cows are. Buffalo are only dangerous when they feel that their babies are under threat.


Birds are very much the same as the rest of Europe but my favourite is the Oriole. At the start of summer, Orioles come from Africa and their call can be heard from dawn to dusk, with bright flashes of yellow among the trees. Swallows come to raise their young in about April/May and their nests can be seen everywhere.

By Thomas