Food Stores

Kachreti Food Stores

Shopping in Kachreti stagnated for many years with only a few small shops for daily provisions. Kachreti, like many other towns in Georgia has begun a rejuvination. In the past couple of years, larger provisioners have realised the potential in Kachreti and have opened their supermarkets here. Only two years ago, the only way to visit a supermarket was to travel to Gurjaani (32km) or further afield.  Late in 2021 Magniti opened its doors in the town centre after taking over a disused banqueting hall.  This was shortly followed by a Spar supermarket 1km out of the town by the main highway. In 2023 a smaller supermarket – Guirila – opened its doors.


Many smaller shops have benefited because of the influx of shoppers from nearby villages.

El Nani Kupravishvili Supermarket

Tamazi and his wife are delightful people. Their market sells many of the products found in Nikora supermarket. The market is about 200 metres from the town centre on the road leading to Aisi College;

Ilia's Bakery

Ilia's bakery produces fresh baked goods and is near to the Rompetrol station on the main Kakheti Highway at the entrance to the town

Magniti Supermarket

Magniti Supermarket is in the centre of the Kachreti town near to the library and the local government offices. Magniti is a recent addition to the town having opened in 2021

food stores in kachreti

Spar Supermarket

Spar Supermarket came to the town as recently as Christmas 2021. It is located on the Kakheti Highway about 1km away from the town centre near to Championi Restaurant.

Guirila Supermarket

Guirila supermarket has recently arrived in the town. Guirila is a branch of Magniti and is located near the town cntre on the Gurjaani road


On main road. About 1 km from town centre near to Rom Petrol Station.