Kachreti Churches

There are several churches in Kachreti, from medieval to modern.

Kachreti Basilica

Kachreti Basilica

Kachreti St George Basilica is the main church in Kachreti.  The basilica is in the town centre at one end of the main street

Kachreti Medieval church

Kachreti Medieval Church

This medieval church in Kachreti is still used on special occasions but I think a congregation of more than ten people would have difficulty participating in a service

Kact Mary's church

Kachreti St Mary's Church

This church is sadly in a state of decay and disrepair but at one time was the main church for Kachreti situated near to the medieval church

Why Love Kachreti

All Kakhetian people love nature and so much so in Kachreti. Kachreti is in the middle of the grape growing region of Kakheti.

The weather in Kachreti is not the same as in Tbilisi. There is rarely any wind. In general the winters are warmer. Snow is a rarity. So is prolonged rain. When rain comes it is usually a downpour and finishes quickly. It’s not unusual to have months when you can’t remember the last time it rained…

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