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Kachreti is one of the most well-known towns in the Kakheti wine grape growing regions of Georgia
Kachreti is 1 hour 15 minutes from Tbilisi airport (74 km)
Kachreti is a town in Kakheti region of Georgia, famous for its wine, wine cellars and natural countryside
Kachreti.com is here to make the world aware that Kachreti is not a hotel, but a town with a thriving population, many shops and guest houses Kachreti.com has no connection with ambassadori hotel or ambassadori golf club

The traditional genealogical accounts such as that of Prince Ioann of Georgia at the beginning of the 19th century had it that the Cherkezishvili descended from a Circassian chieftain who had arrived in Georgia during the reign of Queen Tamar (r. 1184–1213). In fact, the ancestor of the family, the Kabardian nobleman Alejuko known to the Georgians as Aladag, settled down in the eastern Georgian kingdom of Kakheti in the 17th century. With the adoption of Christianity by Aladag and his scions, the family was conferred with the princely rank and given several villages, such as Manavi, Tokhliauri, Kakabeti, and Kachreti, in possession by the kings of Kakheti. The princely possessions of the family were collectively known as Sacherkezo

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