Kachreti town centre is advertised by  some businesses as being on the main Gurjaani- Tbilisi highway. This is not the case.


Kachreti town centre is 1 km from the highway  or to put it another way – the highway and those businesses are 1km outside of the town.

Kachreti in a Nutshell

Kachreti town consists of several villages under the wing of Kachreti Town Council. Schools, day to day running of the villages etc all come under Kachreti’s wing. The local government offices are in the town centre together with the small library, music school, community centre, Kachreti dombita, notary and Kachreti English Language School.


A couple of hundred metres away is the Kachreti Public Service Hall which serves central governmental services for the area. The Kachreti Fire Station is at the opposite side of the road and along a short lane on a parallel road, is the Kachreti Ambulance Service. Again, near to the town centre is the medical clinic with dental surgery.