Civic Services

/CoffeeShop/civic.jpgKachreti is a large village on the Georgian Wine Route. The village has it's own Public Service Hall where all manner of legal and governmental services are available. Inside the building there is also a branch of Liberty Bank and an office of Magti internet and telecommunications which serves the community. Kachreti is covered by Magti fibre-optic internet.
Kachreti Fire Station
Kachreti has a full time staffed fire station. The fire engines -there are two - may look old style but in fact they are purpose built to have a high ground clearance with four wheel drive to reach otherwise inaccessible rural locations.
Kachreti Ambulance
There is a full time staffed ambulance station in Kachreti. The ambulances are manned 24/7 by doctors and paramedics.
Kachreti Police Station
Kachreti police station is on the main road through the town. It also has a full staff to deal with any type of emergency and other incidents.
/CoffeeShop/greenh1.jpgGreen House is an excellent guest house in Kachreti and about 350 mtrs from the village centre.
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