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Kachreti Township on The Georgian Wine Route

Kachreti is one of the most well-known towns in the Kakheti wine grape growing regions of Georgia. Kachreti is 1 hour 15 minutes from Tbilisi airport (74 km). Kachreti is a town in Kakheti region of Georgia, famous for its wine, wine cellars and natural countryside. Kachreti.com is here to make the world aware that Kachreti is not a hotel, but a town with a thriving population with many shops and guest houses

Kachreti Guesthouses

Where to stay in Kachreti. There is no charge added on this website. Contact numbers are guesthouse owner's numbers

Kachreti Wine Cellars

Kachreti has many privately owned wine cellars with various local and regional vines in traditional and modern cellars.

Kachreti Restaurants

Where to eat in Kachreti

Kachreti Public Services

Kachreti Public Service Hall deals with all of the legislative documentation for the area. There is a branch of Liberty Bank within the service hall.

Kachreti Shopping

Kachreti has many small shops and fruit and veg stalls. A recent addition to the town is the Magniti Supermarket in the town centre.

Kachreti Churches

Kachreti Basilica and other older churches in Kachreti dating from medieval times

Kachreti Emergency Services

Kachreti has full emergency services. Fire, Ambulance and Police serve the community

Kachreti Online English Language School

Kachreti Online English Language School is run by the school director and the lead teacher of the K.E.L.S. to teach structured lessons, conversational practise and accent reduction.

Around Kachreti

Looking around Kachreti. There's more here than you think

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